Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM®)

What is RIM?
It is a gentle, yet profoundly effective process that reconstructs affirming images in cellular memory

RIM is an unprecedented inner technology for the twenty-first century. It is a gentle, yet profoundly effective process that reconstructs affirming images in cellular memory to create subconscious changes for accelerated emotional and physical wellbeing, and greater success. It releases your extraordinary hidden resources to lift your spirit, heal your mind and body, and inspire effortless action!

When RIM is used as a brief intervention or adjunctively with other types of practices, it takes 5-20 minutes. A formal RIM session is generally 1 – 2 hours long, which includes time to talk with your Facilitator before and after the RIM process. Sessions can be successfully done in-person, on the phone or on Skype.

RIM works on mental, emotional, physical and any other type of issue that inhibits you from living a healthy, happy and successful life. RIM is highly recommended for people who feel they are doing everything they can to fulfill their dreams of health, wealth and happiness, yet obstacles continue to show up to block their path.

Unlike many techniques, each RIM session accomplishes a complete piece of work; thus, some people get everything they want from one session. Other clients find it beneficial to experience 3-5 sessions so a new way of being is firmly and broadly established. When working on a physical illness, shorter more frequent, longer-term sessions can be more effective to reprogram the cells for healing and health.

There really is no formal preparation required for a RIM session. However, it is helpful if you notice and share with your Facilitator any unusual thoughts, feelings, dreams or experiences that occur just prior to your appointment.

Because RIM is a powerful and effective transformative process, it can help you:

•  Dissolve chronic pain
•  Dissipate anxiety and worry
•  Generate greater financial success
•  Heal pain of loss from death or divorce
•  Produce self-healing of physical symptoms/illness including genetic conditions
•  Dissolve old feelings of regret, blame, shame and guilt
•  Evaporate traumatic memories and blocks to success
•  Dispel addictive behaviors e.g. internet porn, alcohol intake, chronic marijuana usage
•  Determine life choices that nurture your nature and your purpose
•  Initiate spontaneous and effortless action toward goals
•  Re-experience youthful joy and greater self awareness
•  Spawn spontaneous self-sustaining behaviors
•  Feel greater inner strength and self-confidence
•  Create a greater sense of wellbeing
•  Live with increased peace of mind

The RIM Program

RIM can be a quick and immediate intervention whenever someone or a group has gone into a fear or panic response. RIM instantly snaps them out of circular negative thinking and brings them back into their bodies. Being present in their bodies, people are able to access internal resources and address the current situation. Similarly, RIM is able to dissolve past moments of terror stuck in memory, so one’s awareness is 100% available. Eventually, RIM becomes an inventive way of engaging life so that our internal resources remain constantly and intimately available to us.

RIM is grounded in the latest neuro-science research. These recent scientific findings substantiate how RIM effectively works to directly access and dissolve hidden blocks stored in emotional memory. Unlike methods based in intellectual understanding and analytical skill development, RIM allows the facilitator to guide the client around and under old defenses to permanently change. As hidden emotions and self-limiting beliefs gently come into awareness, the RIM process actively empowers the client to transform and create new self-affirming emotional memory.