Network Spinal

Your body can activate its own authentic healing signature

Through a system of precise gentle touch, a personalized spinal healing wave develops that is as unique as one’s fingerprint. This wave and development of specific “Spinal Gateways” suspend unhealthy patterns and allow the body to reach new levels of energy and information efficiency.

Greater coherence in the body and nervous system liberates potential for experiencing MORE in life. NetworkSpinal is the latest evolution of over 30 years of refinement by “Network” creator, Dr. Donny Epstein. Based on research conducted by major universities, this approach is offered by practitioners who are committed to helping upgrade your operating system so you can experience profound levels of healing.

Focusing on the Spinal Gateway with energetically efficient and sustainable change being the priority

What makes a winning team is more than the individual players. It's the energy that connects them as one system. They become more aware and both stay in and broadcast “the zone” . In the body, the rhythmic rocking of vertebra at Gateways entrain, or lock in step, the individual parts of the spine and nerve system producing results that are MORE than the individual parts. That is how extraordinary (and winning) happens. This energy efficiency that organizes productivity and functional Oneness is called Coherence.

By focusing on Coherence at the Spinal Gateway, the individual and collective of the body and the person goes from one level of order to a higher order. The alienated information and energy are integrated through these rocking Gateway vortices, with a shorter period of “shaking things up" to get there! Coherent energy and organically self organizing information is available for healing of the person. Sessions are even more effective, energy efficient and faster with undeniable embodied experiences of healing.

Providing personalized healing journeys

NetworkSpinal is geared with every assessment and gentle touch spinal entrainment to develop a plan of care that is personalized. The care addresses the gap between where you have been and where you must go on your healing and life enhancement journey. As you progress, expanded perspectives and outcomes of healing (and its impact in life!) are evolving.

Healing, personal transformation and spirituality are all interdependent and a function of a coherent and healthy spine, energized by the body’s energetic intelligences. Healing is about YOU as a dynamic individual in a relationship with the invisible and visible forces in your life. You will experience your unique healing wave and celebrate the impact in your life and for the world.

Refining and Accelerating the Capacity of the Wave

Since 1987 the unique Network Spinal Wave has liberated hundreds of thousands of individuals to unprecedented levels of healing and wholeness. It has been studied by about a dozen universities for its dramatic and extraordinary benefits associated with enhanced wellness, healing of the individual and its impact on life. What would it be like to have a movement and energy wave that is as unique to you as your fingerprint or your gait? What if this wave could suspend non-authentic muscle and nervous system patterns liberating previously unavailable (bound) energy and information about yourself?

The wave shakes up locked patterns that no longer serve, and when traveling to the Spinal Gateway coordinated oscillation upgrades the nervous system to a higher order. Your spine learns to self regulate distortions and self adjust spinal subluxations enhancing health and well being, and making more energy efficient and authentic choices. NetworkSpinal creates greater energy efficiency and bandwidth associated with a refinement of the integrity of the spine and nervous system.

Experiencing Healing Awareness and Education Through Experience

NetworkSpinal has two elements. The first is "practitioner intervention care" to produce extraordinary healing and life enhancement outcomes rarely attainable by other means. Through the initiation of your body's self-organizing and regulating wisdom NetworkSpinal care activates the bio, emotional, mental and spiritual organizing wisdoms, each with its specific spinal and nervous system strategies.

The second element, called "EpiHealing education", where you, as a participant personally experience each of the energies and organizing intelligences that animate, coordinate, heal, inspire and evolve you in and beyond healing. In this educational part you get to experience and know how each of these healing forces and energetic intelligences moves your spine, body, awareness, actions, and impacts you as the observer of your healing experiences. Both these elements, the practitioner-initiated healing and your personalized "school of how you use energy and information" helping you truly know MORE that is real, tangible, empowering and connected to the larger forces of creation and nature.