Emergence Care

Resident within you is the Power, the Creative Energy that creates and sustains all of existence

Emergence Care draws from ancient and modern Wisdom Traditions, science, psychology, neurology, psychoneuroimmunology and philosophy, and is a totally unique healing art. It represents a significant departure from virtually every form of health care available today.

Through the application of presence to inherent energetic structures surrounding the body, Emergence Care creates powerful, lasting and reproducible phenomenon that are completely unique in the world today. Emergence Care is expansive and opens one up to the depths within. It’s artistic, poetic, beautiful, graceful and awe-inspiring.

Recipients from all walks of life describe experiencing profound transformations physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually from receiving this work. Transformations they had no idea were possible or even necessary, though once experienced, often become among the most meaningful ones they've known.

Resident within you is the Power, the Creative Energy that creates and sustains all of existence. This Creative Energy animates and heals you. Emergence Care is a profound and revolutionary means of working with this subtle, yet powerful energy and your physical body in a non-invasive manner that allows this Creative Power to be more clearly and fully expressed in its effulgence…to emerge from within and guide you in your life.


Through the application of presence, Emergence Care cultivates the manifestation of this Power, and leads to the capacity for healing that has never before existed for you or humanity. While this capacity remains buried beneath an avalanche of mounting stress, tension and pressure, it remains dormant and cannot be developed. Emergence Care enables you to release tremendous amounts of stored stress and tension from your mind, body and life. Your ability to release this long-held stress is deepened through repeated applications of Emergence Care. It often develops to the extent that a person can be experiencing extreme stress that pervades every facet of life, and have this stress all but eliminated in an Emergence Care session, leaving the recipient in a state of peace and gratitude. .

While releasing the accumulated tensions of life is incredibly beneficial and has significant health benefits, there’s much, much more to Emergence Care than just the release of tension. As significant amounts of tension resolve, the underlying, unconscious patterns that continuously create and recreate this tension also begin to resolve. This is unprecedented! The unconscious patterns that cause the mind and body to exist in a state of chronic stress begin to dissolve. What was static and stuck in your life becomes dynamic and flexible as your inner healer is empowered to emerge, allowing you to open and unfold from the inside out.

Healing Happens Unconsciously

When the Emergence Care practitioner enters into a state of presence, or connection with Mind, mind is temporarily illuminated. In this illuminated state, the mind and body relax and let go of tension due to the interruption of the fight or flight feedback loop. Early in care, it’s usual for the tension in the mind and body to come back again and again, in gradually decreasing amounts, until a deeper connection with Mind is more firmly established. That is what healing is.

Healing happens unconsciously. Therefore, you may be at first be unaware of improvements taking place. As tension dissipates, aches and pains that have been with you for as long as you can remember begin to fade into the background. Situations that have been a source of frustration aren’t so bothersome. Making clearer decisions and focusing your attention happens with less effort, without having your mind wander through a maze of hardwired patterns. You’re living the same life, doing the same things, yet you’re aware that things are different. What’s changed? You. You’ve changed. Welcome to Emergence Care. We’re just getting started.

Ultimately, the process of healing cannot be understood by the mind. Healing is Mind illuminating mind. In Emergence Care, we intentionally bring Mind into mind, and that is why Emergence Care is so powerful. Healing happens in an instant, but which instant is not up to you or to any of us to determine. Life is a mystery, and so is healing. Revel in it.