First things first - we honor and celebrate your courage, wisdom and willingness to show up for yourself and your life in a more empowered and more awakened fashion. All of our choices are what create what we will see in our lives. What we create will be the tipping point in our lives and the lives of all whom we touch.

Because we are all so immaculately interconnected, your choice to do this Clear Day is not just for you, it is for everyone and anyone you are connected to. As you make a shift, your whole "network” of connections will shift. We open new gateways of infinite potential in ourselves and the world around us.

This Clear Day, our intention is to marry profound joy and celebration with a deep healing of the grief we carry. Ultimately, it is for the transfiguration of your Being. Never underestimate the power of this day - like the ocean, it may appear simply as a day long retreat somewhere in North Carolina, but under its humble appearances is an incredible power and tremendous potential to launch you.

In this vein, we ask you to prepare yourselves a bit - don't worry - its nothing tough, we just want you to get EVERYTHING out of this experience that you can. So, here goes:

1. Get entrained a couple of times per week if you can leading up to the Clear Day. This will allow your nervous system and heart to get very coherent so that when you come to the clear day we can create amazing growth + expansion.

2. Practice SRI every day - just 4-5 minutes is fine, and all you really need to do is stages 1 and 2. Just use breath, awareness and focus to start every day with connection. 4-5 minutes per day, best in the morning or last thing before sleep.

3. The week before the Clear Day, please abstain from alcohol + cannabis use (or any mind altering substances for that matter).

4. For the 2 days before the Clear Day, as much as possible avoid meat in your diet. Just focus on grains, veggies, and plant based proteins as much as you can.

5. Keep a gratitude journal each day - simply write 5 things each day and night that you are grateful for - so just 10 entries per day. 5 in the am, 5 in the pm before sleep.