Bio-Well Energy Field Scans

What Is the human biofield?
The Bio-Well is founded on the concept of subtle energy and the human biofield.

Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool made specially for express-assessment of the energetic state of a person. The Bio-Well is founded on a well-known physics phenomena called the corona discharge. When high voltage electricity is applied to an object (whether living or nonliving), light is emitted around its edges. In 1939 a Russian engineer named Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian created a technique called Kirlian photography that was able to capture this light emission on camera.

Kirlian found that objects such as coins or steel rods produced constant, stable light emissions around its edges. However, the corona discharge from living beings behaved much differently than those of lifeless objects. Since humans are comprised of an ever changing ebb and flow of energy, the light around our bodies dance not unlike a flicker of flame.

In 1995 Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and his team harnessed modern advancements in electronics, optics, and computer processing to create a technology called gas discharge visualization (GDV) to capture, measure, and analyze the dance of light around the human fingers.

Korotkov’s team furthered the technology by studying thousands of people, mapping what type of photonic patterns were linked to certain health states. He eventually put all of these advancements into a single device he named the Bio-Well.

In 1992 The Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) at the US National Institute of Health (NIH) coined the term biofield, attempting to create a unifying concept for various energetic healing practices such as Reiki, and Qi-Gong. The human biofield isn’t rigid, but a fluctuating halo of energy extending up to five feet from the human body, constantly exchanging energy with its environment

Bio-Well scans can:
• Measure the energy field of a person, which reflects energetic state, state of mind and emotions, and in some cases, spiritual status.
• Measure level of person's stress. From this indicator depends the dynamics of changes in the state in the future.
• Measure the chakras and create individual meditative music to harmonize the energy flows, which affect all organs of the human body.
• Assess the wellness status and human energy potential.
• Assess the energy balance of the state of the right and left hands. This is very important when choosing methods for correcting the state.