Dr Leslie Wells, DC is the founder and holistic living/healing facilitator of Align Wellness Center and Bridge Holistic Healing. Her unique range of experience allows her to offer a rare blend as a practitioner and consultant.

After completing her chiropractic training in Atlanta, Dr. Leslie launched her life's work with a mission to help others in Auckland, New Zealand. Through her 20 years of ever-deepening healing work, Dr. Leslie's reach has extended beyond the body and mind, to deeply energetic and spiritual healing.

Over time Dr. Leslie saw many people rapidly respond to spinal care, but she noticed a tendency for spinal patterns and health disorders to return over time, which led her to search for deeper core causes. Ultimately her path led to reaching beyond the spine, addressing underlying needs of the whole person. Her approach today combines a fresh new energy of faith centered wellness with reorganizational healing through NetworkSpinal, SRI, Attunements, Empowered Life Coaching, and Emergence Care.