Ashlee Joy is a certified hypnotherapist, teacher, musician and creative coach.

She first began her career as a professional songwriter, recording artist and touring musician in the nationwide band Matrimony.

After years in the music industry she began pursuing another long time passion—healing work. This led her into her new journey as a hypnotherapist and healing practitioner.

Ashlee helps clients release blocks, heal and access their true potential through clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, meditation, coaching and sound healing.

As a creative coach, Ashlee helps clients access deep levels of their creative gifts in art, music, business and writing, teaching them to use the tools of their own mind and spirit to unlock and develop their creative expression.

Ashlee utilizes her extensive training in hypnotherapy to help others release and transform blocks held in their subconscious minds. She has a deep passion for helping others come into joy and personal freedom.